Annual Report on Deforestation in Brazil - 2020

For the 2nd consecutive year, we present an x-ray of deforestation in all Brazilian biomes.

Annual Report on Deforestation in Brazil (.pdf)

FactSheet with highlights of the report (.pdf)

To access the alerts database:
> DataBase with all Alerts 2020 - (.xls)
> Shape of all deforestation alerts in 2020 - (.zip)

Regional webinars

Focusing on each region, MapBiomas hosted these webinars to discuss the combat of deforestation by public authorities with a focus on the states:

>South: 6/25 (watch here)
outheast: 7/2 (watch here)
>North: 7/9 (watch here)
>North East:16/7 (watch here)
>Mid West: 23/7 (watch here)

Check out also the Regional Webinars Report (only in Portuguese), with a summary of the debate on the use of MapBiomas in the states, transparency and availability of data, actions to combat illegal deforestation by the state governments, and recommendations to the environmental enforcement agencies.

Brazil's Annual Deforestation Report - 2019

Unprecedented MapBiomas report consolidates deforestation data in all Brazilian biomes and points to the loss of at least 1.2 million hectares of native vegetation.

Access here