Annual Report on Deforestation in Brazil - 2020

For the 2nd consecutive year, we will present an x-ray of deforestation in all Brazilian biomes.

Annual Report on Deforestation in Brazil (.pdf)

FactSheet with hightlights of the report (.pdf)

Para acessar a base de dados de alertas:
> DataBase with all Alerts 2020 - (.xls)
> Shape of all deforestation alerts in 2020 - (.zip)

Regional webinars

>South: 6/25 (watch here)
outheast: 7/2 (watch here)
>North: 7/9 (watch here)
>North East:16/7 (watch here)
>Mid West: 23/7 (watch here)

Brazil's Annual Deforestation Report - 2019

Unprecedented MapBiomas report consolidates deforestation data in all Brazilian biomes and points to loss of at least 1.2 million hectares of native vegetation.

Access here