MapBiomas Alert is a system of validation and refinement of alerts of deforestation, degradation, and regeneration of native vegetation with high-resolution images. This current version is dedicated exclusively to deforestation theme in all Brazilian biomes and will expand to the other themes over the next two years.

Brazil is covered by more than a dozen deforestation warning systems, which stand out DETER / INPE (Amazon and Cerrado), SAD / IMAZON,  and GLAD / Univ. Maryland (all biomes). Together these systems generate tens of thousands of alerts from the analysis of satellite images of medium spatial resolution (20 to 60 m). These alerts are essential for the fiscalization work by the environmental and governmental agencies or for the verification of zero-deforestation commitments in value chains among other various applications.

Given the resolution used in these systems, the alerts need to pass through a detailed validation process, often followed by field validation before they can be useful to guide actions such as the embargo on illegal deforestation areas.

The MapBiomas Alert is the result of consultations and workshops with governmental agencies that use alert systems (e.g. MMA, IBAMA, SFB, ICMBio, MPF, SEMAs, MP-Estadual, Polícia Militar Ambiental and TCU) and alert providers (e.g. INPE, IMAZON, University of Maryland, CENSIPAM, ISA, JICA + JAXA), which was identified as the best contribution of MapBiomas network could do to support environmental monitoring.

Its construction is based on MapBiomas' successful experience of multi-institutional, network with large-scale processing images and data, made available in a free, transparent and accessible manner to the general public.

In this version, the alerts generated by DETER (Amazon and Cerrado), SAD, SipamSAR  (Amazon) and GLAD (other biomes) are collected and used as a reference to locate deforestation in daily high-resolution images (3 m). Each alert is checked and delimited more precisely. For each validated alert, a report is generated where before and after deforestation images are identified, crossings with areas of the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), Protected Areas, Rural Settlements and other geographical categories (e.g. biomes, states, river basins), as well as the history (1985 to 2019) in the Brazilian land cover and land use maps of MapBiomas (Coleção 5).

The purpose of the project is to generate documentation for deforestation alerts that is equivalent to the one that represents the photo of the car plate in the traffic infraction fines and thus to allow greater effectiveness in the actions of the various user agencies.

MapBiomas Alert is not a new deforestation alert system, but rather an effort to enhance the usability and effectiveness of alerts already generated by other systems.

The data produced is public and free and can be accessed on the platform:


MapBiomas is a multi-institutional project involving universities, NGOs and technology companies that promotes the annual mapping of land cover and land use in Brazil over the last three decades and provides data and maps in an open and freeway. To know more access: