What is MapBiomas Alert

MapBiomas Alert is a system for validating and refining deforestation alerts using high-resolution satellite images. In a single platform, we bring together alerts from various detection systems for all of Brazil's biomes, cross-reference them with relevant territorial data (e.g. municipalities, rural properties, protected areas, vegetation suppression authorizations, embargoes, etc.) and provide detailed ready-made reports for each deforestation event openly and free of charge. The MapBiomas Alert initiative publishes any and all losses of native vegetation, without assessing the legality, regularity or responsibility for the suppression of the vegetation.

  • Here you find new weekly deforestation alerts validated for all Brazilian biomes, with various options for temporal and territorial search filters.

  • By selecting an alert, you can view high-resolution images of before and after deforestation

  • Access the full report for each property that crosses a deforestation alert and search by CAR code

Deforestation Monitor

The system allows understanding the dynamics of deforestation in Brazil since 2019 by selecting the desired period and in different geographic limits (eg biomes, states, municipalities), land divisions (eg CAR, Conservation Units and Indigenous Lands) and administrative situation (eg authorizations and embargoes) with maps, graphs and statistics to support actions that guarantee the sustainable development of the Brazilian territory.

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